• Class-leading 400kg basket
  • From 0 mm to 120mm cant, with the telescopic arm fully extended, the maximum reach limit is 8.65m
  • From above 120mm to 180mm cant the telescopic arm is blocked and the maximum reach is limited to 6.35m
  • Working Over the Side over the fixed axle end only with a turret rotation of up to 90° maximum reach is limited to 6.35m
  • Full Network Rail PA certification product acceptance – approved for adjacent line working (option).

  • In accordance with European directives the ART17TH is compliant with all industry requirements. The integrated Canbus technology enables the operator to quickly establish the status of their machine thereby monitoring any safety or service actions required
  • Switching between road and rail operation is all done from the basket control panel for optimum safety.
  • Safety valves on all lifting controls
  • Weight control device with slope angle detector
  • Electrically activated emergency recovery pump
  • 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel braking and 4 wheel parking brake for safe operation allied to the hydrostatic transmission for smooth and precise machine movement.

Impressive performance is achieved with an outreach of 8.95m, continuous turret rotation and 180 degrees basket rotation capability for total flexibility when working on rail. Compact dimensions ensure good operator visibility.


Large spacious basket with dimensions of 2.30m x .90m with a class leading capacity of 400kg. The grid design floor provides the operator with good visibility to the ground for safe lowering. 3 points of access and double handrails are standard for additional protection. A durable toolbox is also located in the basket.

The lockable ergonomically designed control box is designed to facilitate precise movements of the machine and also incorporates the rail equipment controls so that the operator does not have to leave the basket when switching between road and rail use. Operators presence pedal to avoid unwanted machine movements, for instance in the event of the operator collapsing in the basket


The ART17TH allows the operator to work at full height and maximum outreach with total peace of mind. The heavy duty articulated boom sections increase the overall rigidity of the machine and contributes greatly to enhancing the comfort of use at height. In both rail and road mode the stability of the ART17TH is ensured with quality build and top specification components.


Excellent service and maintenance accessibility is a design feature of the ART17TH, by opening the lockable hoods on the turret all major components and service points are readily accessible contributing to lower maintenance costs and down time. The control box is fully protected by a protective cover which is ideal for extreme weather conditions or combating vandalism.